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(AI*) I Movie Review | Rating Vikram Telugu || Tamil - Hindi Ratings

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I Movie Review Rating and Collections I is a latest Movie which is going to be released for this Pongal AKA sankranti this Year.I or AI Movie is made simultaneously in three languages Tamil Telugu and Hindi.I Film is being directed by the legendary Director Shankar,for those you from Bollywood who didn't about shankar and his I hindi Movie Review he's the director of Robot which has made wonders at the Box Office Collections in India and Abroad as well.I Telugu Movie starring Hero Vikram who is playing multiple roles in this movie with a huge weigh loss goon,a monster a model and one more character which was kept secret till now.I Movie Music which was a huge Success in the recent past was composed by the Legendary AR Rahman sir.

Before going to the Complete Movie Review Rating and story line of the I film lets first have a look at the star cast and crew that has worked for months together for this wonderful movie

I Film Review of Cast and Crew 

Cast: Vikram, Amy Jackson
Director: Shankar
Producer: Aascar Ravichandran, D. Ramesh Babu
Music Director: AR Rahman
Cinematography: PC Sreeram
Editing: Llewellyn Anthony, Gonsalves
Back Ground Music: AR Rahman
Distribution Company: Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd
CBFC Rating: U
Run Time: 186 Minutes (3 Hrs 6 Minutes)
Movie Release Date: January 14th, 2015

I  Review Rating with Basic Plot 

I movie is going to be released for Pongal worldwide .i.e. on 14th January,the most important thing is that the movie is going to release in Tamil,Telugu and Hindi on the same day.I Hindi Movie is being directed by the legendary Director Shankar sir,who is one such a master himself yes he's arguably the most successful director of Indian Movies,for those of you who don't him he's the Director of Rajnikanth's  Robot Movie.Initially the movie faced many issues but finally the team of I Movie has done with their all issues and finally ready to release the movie for Pongal this Year.

Coming to the Music of this Most awaited movie,it has been composed by AR Rahman who has already won an oscar for his contributions to Indian Cinemas.

I Movie Rating of Release Day Trailer 

This movie has already got huge hype and good response after the first look and trailers.If you haven't yet watched the I Movie Release day Trailer,you can watch it from here.Some of the facts and figures of this movie will definitely make you go crazy.
This I Film has already created many records in YouTube with most number of views for both the trailer and teaser for a south Indian movie.Our sources say that it is the first indian movie Teaser to have been watched by more than 10 million people

I Tamil Movie Review Rating and Box Office Collections

I movie has still been a mystery for many of us till now,even after the release of so many teasers trailers and Song trailers the director and movie team has been successful to not let out even one percent of what the movie is about and around what the total movie is going to be revolving.The I Film has a huge plus point and bonus with the lead role as Vikram,who undoubtedly is the most versatile actors indian cinemas industry ever had. 

Yes that's true indeed in each and every scene or video trailers that have been released till now he has been in many a different looks in his accent attitude and body language.one thing's that is sure is Vikram is playing multiple roles in this movie a Model, Slum Guy,Wrestler,Beast or Monster, and a Hunch Back.

Each of these roles have their unique importance in the movie, the most interesting characters would be of the monster and Hunch Back guy which are seeming to be Bizarre ones.

I Film Review Rating Story 

Rating : 3.5/5

Performances: Vikram excels throughout the movie and his years of dedication just to make the movie that much more interesting is apparent. Amy Jackson too has done justice to her role which is very much a part of the movie unlike many other Tamil movies. Suresh Gopi and Ramkumar's acting skills are utilized really well while Upen Patel could've showcased much more emotions for the role demands it. 

Technicalities: As disclosed earlier, I  is a technically brilliant movie. While all VFX used are executed almost perfectly, PC Sreeram's camera work supporting such graphics stands out and has an international appeal to it. AR Rahman's background score will definitely add accolades to his never ending list of awards. T Muthuraj as an art director might receive many awards for I  in the near future. Anthony's editing could've been even more crispier.

I Film Box Office Collections     

I movie has already made a huge business before its release, and as the movie is set for a release in sankranti holidays and also because of no such competition for this movie the movie might make a huge business in the 1st week of its release.

I Movie 1st Day Box Office Collections- Coming Soon....

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Merry Christmas Poems, Prayers 2014 Happy Christmas Prayers Poems

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Christmas Poems

What is your life, my soul ? What ? your payment
Rain on the lake!
What is your life, my soul, your usual?
Wind on the summit!

How would your life, my soul is renewed ?
Shadow in the cave !
Rain on the lake !
Wind at the summit !
Shadow in the cave!

Tears are raining from the sky,
and is the wind without starting sob,
Despite the shadow without any consolation,
rain and wind and shadow make life.
Merry Christmas poem and Prayer 

Merry Christmas Poems

It is love. It is hope. It is faith.
It is joy.
It is the beginning of redemption.
It is a stage in our history of salvation.
It's encounter with Christ Child.
It is conversion and renewal.
It is inner peace.
It is new life.
It is the way that opens to the time
and for eternity.
True Love feeds.
It is life that bears fruit and ripe,
while always born.

Merry Christmas Prayers /Prayer

For everything you gave me.
Thanks for the days of sun and cloud sad.
For quiet evenings and dark nights.
Thanks for health and disease,
by the sorrows and joys.

Thank you for everything you lent me and then I asked.
Thank you Lord, for the friendly smile and helping hand,
for the love and all that is beautiful and everything sweet,
for flowers and stars,
by the existence of children and good souls.

Thanks for solitude, for work, for the concerns,
the difficulties and tears.
For all you brought me closer to You.
Thank you for having preserved life,
and for having provided shelter, shelter and sustenance

  What You want, Lord,
but I ask you to look in all faith,
hope not to lose heart,
love to love you every day,
and to make love from those around me.

Give me Lord, what you know is best for me and I do not I know asking

Have the heart alert, attentive ears,
hands and mind active,
and I halle always willing to do your Holy Will.

Pour Lord, your thanks as I love
and bring your peace to the world.
So either.

Merry Christmas Messages Wishes SMS 2014 Happy Christmas Message

Posted by Lucky Goud
Christmas Day is December 25, when the Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem is commemorated in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. After Easter is the most important holiday of the church year.As the Gospels do not mention dates, not sure that Jesus was born that day. In fact, Christmas Day was not officially recognized until 345, when the influence of St. John Chrysostom and St. Gregory Nazianzus was proclaimed December 25 as the date of the Nativity.Thus continued the policy of the early Church to absorb rather than repress existing pagan rites, which from the earliest times had celebrated the winter solstice and the arrival of spring.
The pagan festival most closely associated with the new Christmas was the Roman Saturnalia, December 19, in honor of Saturn, god of agriculture, celebrated for seven days bustling entertainment and banquets.
At the same time, it was celebrated in Northern Europe a similar winter festival known as Yule, in which large trunks and branches adorned with ribbons in honor of the gods to make the sun shine more strongly burned.
Merry Christmas wishes Sms Messages

Merry Christmas Wishes / Happy Christmas Wishes

* With best wishes, for this Silent Night is just the beginning of a full year of successes. Merry Christmas.
* Let the Christmas spirit invades our hearts and guide us throughout the year by way of Joy and Happiness. Merry Christmas.
* That the birth of Jesus fill our hearts with peace, love and faith in God. Merry Christmas holidays.
* That this holiday season, magic is your best suit, your smile the best gift, your eyes the best destination, and my best wishes for your happiness. MERRY CHRISTMAS
* May God Bless you and your family this Christmas, and fill your hearts with Peace, Harmony and Happiness.
* There are decorations, not snow, not the tree or gifts. Christmas is the heat returns to the heart of people, graciously shared with others and hope to continue united in peace.

Merry Christmas Messages

* I wish this Christmas every wish becomes actually smile and every tear in every heart in the home of Jesus. Happy Holidays Christmas.
* Friends are like stars, though you can not see them, you know they're always there. Merry Christmas friend!
* I wanted to send you something funny, amazing, tender, sexy, wild, sweet, erotic and very entertaining, but sorry, I do not go by the screen Merry Christmas!
* Jesus had no room in the inn. Let a large place in our hearts. Happy Holidays!
* Receive a shower of Blessings, Peace, Love and Harmony this Christmas. Happy Holidays to You and Your Family
* Put aside the problems and take the best of your smiles to enjoy Christmas with the people you love. Merry Christmas
* May Christmas bring you much happiness, New Year Prosperity and our friendship will last forever. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
* I want this Christmas fill your life with joy and you return the iluiones to live a better future. Merry Christmas and much happiness
* I wanted to send something extra special for Christmas, but I had a problem .. . How do you wrap a hug and a big kiss? MERRY CHRISTMAS!
* With all my love, I wish that the magic of Christmas enlighten you and help you achieve your dreams.
* I wish that Christmas brings to our lives a glimmer of hope that allows us to overcome all the bad times . Merry Christmas to All
* May the Child Jesus, with his infinite love and goodness, light your home, and will fill you with joy and blessings.

Merry Christmas SMS

* That these Christmas parties are wrapped in happiness and tied with ribbon of love for persist throughout the New Year.
* Merry Christmas to people of good will and best wishes to reign love, peace and brotherhood in every home.
* My best wishes for the Christmas Spirit not only touch the souls, but cale in them.
* My warmest wishes for you this Christmas ... And my most pure and passionate big kisses, hugs and heaving. Congratulations!
* The arrival of Christmas awakens in us feelings of brotherhood and a magical innocence. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!
* With all my love, I send Christmas recipe: get together several measures of illusion, a pinch gesture of friendship and tenderness. Hormones mix with patience. Envolver with laughter, lights and songs. And finally, ofrecer with heart. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!
* A tambourine sounds, Christmas is coming, and is about the birth of Jesus in the portal. And I wish you all happy and cheerful, in these festivals to celebrate you come together.

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Thanksgiving Recipes and Food, Thanksgiving Menu and Dinner Ideas 2014

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Now that Halloween is becoming more established in our country, we can say that the quintessential American holiday is Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day. It is a celebration alien to our culture but with a major in American society, and fellow Canadian, where he held a month earlier. And what is special about this day? What is the origin of Thanksgiving ? Sure most of us can name the basic dishes that make up a typical Thanksgiving menu , and we're sick of seeing in movies and TV series. Essentially, it consists of gathering the whole family around a big feast with dishes that seem fixed, and its importance may be greater than Christmas. How was establishing the classic menu Thanksgiving Day?

The Original Thanksgiving Day Meals

The typical Thanksgiving menu is a veritable feast of food, but it was not always so. The feature itself is now maintained about their early years is that it is seasonal dishes hued seasonal products, especially those related to crops in late summer and autumn. So, thanks to the abundance of dinner products obtained after working the land.

Thanksgiving Day Dinner Ideas 2014 :

There is hardly any mention in historical sources that tell us what they were harvest festivals during the early centuries. We have to jump to the century XIX to track the evolution of the classic Thanksgiving menu, with a particular reference. Although no one knows exactly what they ate in the first celebrations themselves were preserved documents that mention menus and consumed throughout their history courses. Seasonal vegetables and turkey often seem to miss, but also recipes prepared seafood products that are almost entirely discarded today.

Feast on Thanksgiving Day Food 2014 :

As mentioned at the beginning, most families in the United States conceived Thanksgiving as the typical large family celebration and own their country, exceeding in importance to Christmas. Typically, families gather at home crowd of parents or grandparents often repeat the same traditions and the same dishes. Of course, every family has its own favorite recipes, but there are a number of dishes that are repeated in homes across the country. The core is undoubtedly the famous roast turkey . Despite being a native bird of America, it's likely that the first settlers were already accustomed to its use at the time. The stuffing , stuffing, turkey can be incorporated to own and  or served as a side dish apart, and usually consists of a mixture of bread, herbs, and sometimes ground beef. You also can not miss the cranberry sauce, made ??with the red variety, cranberries , and gravy , gravy made ??with the turkey juices.

Thanksgiving Recipes

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Thanksgiving Day 2014 Decorations Party Supplies - Ideas for Thanksgiving

Posted by nani .G
The day of Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Not only for the impressive amount of food I want to eat but also about the meaning of this celebration. It's tradition in my husband's family start the day of thanksgiving with men playing a game of football while the women finish cooking and start to decorate the tables. Here I have a few ideas of how I would like the tables were seen this year. My sisters and I are in charge of the decorations, and this year I want to focus not only on the tables look good but also to remind us a little of the meaning of this day.

Thanksgiving Day Decorations

  • . The food table:  Some Love shares this idea that I love to serve the food, but what I liked most was the sign that says "Thankful". In addition, the table decorations are pretty simple and I'm sure that among my decorations and my sisters have it all and do not need to buy anything
  • The places at the table: tatertots and Jello has a great idea to decorate the table. This table not only looks elegant and simple but once again reminds us that the day of Thanksgiving is to spend with our family. In addition, the table decorations are pretty simple, you just need pumpkins and fresh flowers
  •  Decorations in black and white: A look for a little more simple and elegant table is that I found on Frugal Faye . All decorations are in black and white, but give it a unique and distinct touch to your dinner.

Thanksgiving Day Party Ideas, Decoration Ideas

  • A more colorful table: If what you like is more colorful, different and creative, can be inspired by this table In My First House . What I liked most was the creativity of the decorations. Not only is modern yet is creative and use colors that do not normally see in a Thanksgiving dinner!
  • Elegance gold: If you really want your table to look quite elegant and unique, uses this notion right out of options where the whole table is decorated in golds. Your guests will be surprised by the elegance of golden tones. And many of the decorations that are on gold-painted pictures could be used for other occasions.
  • More and more ideas:  Verily Magazine  has 7 more ideas to inspire and decorate your table this Thanksgiving Day. Remember to always use easy and inexpensive ideas.

Do not forget that the most important moment of this celebration with family, so use your creativity but will not stress if your table does not appear out of a magazine. I know that for me, the most important thing is to remind my family the meaning of this holiday and most of all how much I enjoy spending time with them!

Thanksgiving Day 2014 History & Why we Celebrate Thanksgiving Day

Posted by nani .G
Pilgrims (Pilgrims) landed at Plymouth Rock on December 11, 1620. The first winter was very hard on them. But next fall, they got a good harvest of the seeds they planted. They decided to celebrate with a big dinner, including Indians who had helped them survive the first year.The men went hunting to get meat for dinner. It is not known for sure if the turkeys in the region, were part of the dinner, as they used the term "turkey" for any kind of wild bird

History behind Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving is a time to share blessings and good wishes with family and loved ones. Despite such large distances between existing US territories, family members gather at the home of the older relative, the oldest, usually grandparents. All together give thanks for all the good you have and ask for blessings (blessings) together to yours. In this spirit of sharing, civic groups and charitable organizations offer traditional food to the needy in their community, particularly the homeless. In most tables in the United States, food products that are served at the historic first action because, at the first Thanksgiving, have become traditional, can not miss. Among them we can highlight: maize (corn), squash (pumpkins), cranberry sauce (cranbery's sauce), and of course the stuffed turkey ( stuffed turkey ). The ceremony is a public recognition of the role of the Indians at the first Thanksgiving (America's First Thanksgiving) 350 years ago.

Why we Celebrate Thanksgiving Day???

Another kind of food that we usually have on Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie. Very few of the possibilities that food was part of the menu of the first Thanksgiving celebration. The reserves of flour had been used, so there was no bread or pastries of any kind. There was enough of pumpkins that they grew in the fields and ate them cooked. There was also no milk, cider, potatoes, or butter. There were cows to produce milk and newfound potatoes, many still believed that it was poisonous.

The dinner included fish, berries, crabs, lobster, dried fruit, Tuna, corn, clams, venison and plums.

The Thanksgiving was not celebrated every year. Even it was not until June 1676 that another Thanksgiving is celebrated. The Thanksgiving Day was officially proclaimed by President Lincoln in 1863, to be held the last Thursday of November. In 1941, Thanksgiving was officially declared by the United States Congress a holiday, to be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

Thanksgiving Day Poems, Songs and Prayers 2014

Posted by nani .G

Thanksgiving Day Poems and Songs 

The is a virtue to be thankful, and so worship God with  Thanksgiving  on this  day  and every day. A word of thanks to our  friends  and loved ones is special so I bring some of the  poems  and  postcards  that are about  giving thanks.

Thanksgiving Poems to God:

 Lord, in your river of blessings
calm  our thirst.
River flows and gives life,
You fulfill me beyond measure.

Never stop running your water blessing
flooding them with kindness my heart.
How can we not thank your faithfulness,
your perseverance, your kindness?

Lord, thank you for refreshing my life
for cleaning and renewal.
Is your an amazing river flow,
every day in the water, I delight.

Thank God for the new day
to see a new dawn,
for letting us see
the light of a rebirth.

Today more than yesterday Love
Your Word to know
that more intensely
See other goodness.

That from the depths of my being
crave your coming
and your love grow
while waiting for the game.

Thanksgiving poems to Friends :

Thank you for your Friendship
for taking your valuable time
to dedicate it to make it grow.

Thanks for the love shown
for forgiving me when I have offended,
to understand me as I have suffered.

Thanks for being with me,
for your special loyalty
for your kindness and helpfulness.

Thank you for your Friendship
by your words so wise
which van laden breath.

Thanksgiving Day Prayers

It is a blessing to have you,
Being with you is nice,
had a good time sharing,
Speaking of depth and superficiality,
we pause and proceeded,
with sincerity and appreciation
we tell the truth,
with care and respect
enjoyed daily living,
Do you know? With you I have learned to smile.

I want to tell you how much I appreciate you.
Thank you for sharing your time,
your blessings and all your time.
You are a blessing to me !